How Many Scientists Does It Take?

Everyone is an expert in something. And when they see misrepresentation in movies or on TV shows, I’ll bet it drives them crazy. For me, that’s the scientific method.

Especially when characters who work in a laboratory setting misuse PPE (personal protective equipment). Like not wearing lab coats correctly or wearing them outside of the lab, sometimes even into areas with food (this happened on an episode of Veronica Mars)!

So I decided to start this site to talk about those little moments that drive me crazy. But it’s not all negative, there are some shows that represent science and scientists well – and we’ll talk about those too.

It’s also important to understand that it takes an entire team to do most scientific experiments, which is also not represented well onscreen. The belief that just one or two people should be able to fix every problem is detrimental to science as a whole.

Scientists are extremely specialized and it often takes multi-disciplinary teams to get results.

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